Why do I need to advertise or rank in Google

Shopping button image by renjith krishnan

Shopping Button image by Renjith Krishnan

So you have a local business and you are wondering “why do I need to advertise or rank in Google”. The answer can be expressed in three simple words, location, location, location.

What would happen if the city altered your traffic, diverting much of your daily exposure to another street. What if that street had a wealth of new businesses that offered the same products and services you provide, but with one big difference, they were now on the street where they were being seen every day – How long would your business last?

The issue is, even if the physical street that you are on is busy, there are many times that amount of traffic on the Internet. And the streets on the Internet are so well defined, that when you enter “Jewelry stores” into your metaphorical GPS (Google), you find a street that is lined on both sides with Jewelry stores.  And, those stores and their ads are being seen every time someone is looking for those specific products and services.

If you want your customers to think of you when they are looking for the products and services you provide, then you need to be on the street where they are shopping.

If you believe that location, location, location still matters, then your business needs to be on the Internet!


Using AdWords for Local Marketing

AdWords Advertising

You may know about the widespread importance of online marketing for large companies and seen the ads alongside search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, what you may not be aware that local business can also benefit from these online marketing campaigns. Whether you’re marketing nationally or you’re just trying to strengthen your sales in Huntsville AL, you would benefit from an understanding of Google AdWords. Online marketing is important for any businesses that want to expose their products and services to new prospects.

How Google AdWords Works

AdWords AdvertisingWhen you sign up for Google AdWords, you are given the option of bidding on keywords related to your products and services. Then, every time someone searches for that keyword, your ad is shown alongside Google’s search results. These ads are listed based on the by the cost per click (CPC) bid you have provided. You are only charged that when someone clicks through to your website, however the onus is on you to create a content that matches the users’ interest in order to maximize the return on that investment.

One of the keys to success is to choose keywords that will not just get you the most clicks to your site, but those that will provide the lowest  “cost per action,” or CPA. It is a delicate balance that requires sophisticated judgment and sound campaign design to find search phrases that occur in high enough volume to be worthwhile and yet specific enough to provide the lowest CPA.

To measure CPA, some acquisition (or conversion) metric must be established on you site. For an e-commerce site, this can be triggered when the purchase button is clicked, but for a services business, this can even be something simple as monitoring a visit to a form or contact page.

Google AdWords and CPA

CPC is the traditional metric of cost when using Google AdWords, but recent developments allow you monitor and bid based on your CPA. Google AdWords’ Conversion Optimizer lets you set the cost that you want for any given action, whether it is a purchase, a sign-up or a download. The optimizer will then choose the keywords that will best allow you to achieve your target CPA. Keep in mind that it may take 10 clicks to get a single acquisition. This would mean that you would need to set your CPA bid at roughly 10 times your CPC rate.

Google AdWords and Local Marketing

These days’ people are more likely to use the Internet to search for local products and services than any other resource, and Google has shifted its focus to accommodate this. Google tracks where computers are located, and delivers ads based on the region you have selected. Whether you’re interested in marketing in Huntsville or want to extend your reach to neighboring communities, or nationwide, you can create a number of different Google AdWords campaigns to easily target the prospects that you are seeking to reach.

Marketing campaigns for businesses in Huntsville are among the most lucrative drivers of new business today and we can assist you with the setup creation and management of these campaigns.