Why do I need to advertise or rank in Google

Shopping Button image by Renjith Krishnan

So you have a local business and you are wondering “why do I need to advertise or rank in Google”. The answer can be expressed in three simple words, location, location, location.

What would happen if the city altered your traffic, diverting much of your daily exposure to another street. What if that street had a wealth of new businesses that offered the same products and services you provide, but with one big difference, they were now on the street where they were being seen every day – How long would your business last?

The issue is, even if the physical street that you are on is busy, there are many times that amount of traffic on the Internet. And the streets on the Internet are so well defined, that when you enter “Jewelry stores” into your metaphorical GPS (Google), you find a street that is lined on both sides with Jewelry stores.  And, those stores and their ads are being seen every time someone is looking for those specific products and services.

If you want your customers to think of you when they are looking for the products and services you provide, then you need to be on the street where they are shopping.

If you believe that location, location, location still matters, then your business needs to be on the Internet!